How you win with goLance

There are so many ways you win with goLance. Check out these advantages to find great talent.
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How you win with goLance

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Secure & Accredited

With AICPA and ISO 27001 certifications, we assure the highest level of data security and compliance. Your trust and peace of mind are our top priorities.
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Why choose goLance

Prime pre-vetted talent

We forged a fast track for you to find high-quality freelance talent.

Time-saving tools

Allow you to make a beeline straight to the best-qualified freelancers with the expertise you need.

Pre-screening assessments

Will help you ensure candidates meet your standards before engaging.
Prime pre-vetted talent
Our no / low fee zones

Our no / low fee zones

No nickel-and-diming. Freelancer friendly

100% fee-free for clients

That means if you are here to hire, you won’t pay a cent in service or processing fees.

Lowest fees for freelancers

If you are a freelancer, our fees are the lowest in the online work sector.

Ultra-flexible payments

Our billing and payment options are as flexible as your neighborhood yogi.

Flexible contracts

Create hourly or fixed-price contracts in your preferred currency. Modify by project as needed.

Choose your currency name it, we support it.
Ultra-flexible payments
Create unlimited companies

Create unlimited companies

When goLance was only a glint in the eye, we envisioned it as a platform clients could leverage without limits.

No limits

You can create, staff, and prosper with as many companies as you want on goLance.

Streamline everything

Our tools and controls support hyper-efficiency and run seamlessly.

At Your Service

We’ll never leave you hanging.

Online support

All goLance users have access to online customer support to help swiftly resolve any issues.

Premium support

High-volume clients have a dedicated support team. Need more assistance? Give us a ring contact us
At Your Service
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

It’s our top priority.

Freelancer’s identity

We verify the identity of every goLance user and monitor suspicious activity 24/7 with advanced fraud detection.

Payments protection

All payment transactions are PCI DSS protected, the highest security standards in the payment card industry.

goLance is...

Top-notch, pre-vetted talent
Top-notch, pre-vetted talent
Contracts in US dollars or euros
Contracts in US dollars or euros
100% free for clients
100% free for clients
Crypto friendly
Crypto friendly
Advanced time tracking and work diaries
Advanced time tracking and work diaries
Fraud prevention
Fraud prevention
Lowest fees for freelancers in the industry
Lowest fees for freelancers in the industry
GDPR and PCI compliant
GDPR and PCI compliant
Most flexible billing and payout options
Most flexible billing and payout options
The best in Class Customer Support
The best in Class Customer Support

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