Your safety is our priority

Payment protection

All your payment transactions are protected at the highest security standard offered by the payment card industry: PCI DSS.
Payment protection

Fraud prevention

We are monitoring suspicious activity 24/7 with efficient fraud detection solutions.
Fraud prevention


goLance values your privacy. Your data is secure at all times with strong encryption algorithms.


We're here to help. Do not hesitate to tell us if you detect suspicious activity, and we’ll investigate.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution
If there’s a problem with a user on a goLance contract we can investigate and help you find a solution.

Secure & Accredited

With AICPA and ISO 27001 certifications, we assure the highest level of data security and compliance. Your trust and peace of mind are our top priorities.
Secure & Accredited

Key insights to enhance your experience

General Rules

  • Always respect other users.
  • Do not engage in a communication outside goLance (by email, Skype or other messengers) – otherwise, goLance will not be able to help you in case of a dispute.
  • Use your real name and surname on the platform.
  • Do not falsify your identity or your skill.
  • Any type of illegal activity, such as spam, scams, fraud, and violations of laws or regulations are strictly prohibited.

If you don’t comply with these Security Regulations, your account will be blocked.

Job Description Rules

  • The job description should be written in proper English.
  • Be specific in the job description: what kind of skills and experience your potential contractor needs to have, what deliverables you are expecting, and specify any deadlines or timescales you may have.
  • Do not promote your skill as a freelancer.
  • Do not invite other users to apply, work or pay outside goLance.
  • Spam and fraudulent activities are prohibited.

If your job does not match our policy, we will not validate it.

How to secure your account

Choose a strong and unique password to protect your account, and do not share it.

Enable the two-factor authentication by text message or by app.

Don't forget to log out of your session, especially if you log in from a public network.

We will send you a notification by email if a sensitive operation is performed on your account. Look at these notifications and contact the support as soon as possible if it wasn’t you who initiated the operation.

Check your GoWallet regularly in order to detect unauthorized transactions.

If you are using the mobile app, do not root or jailbreak your smartphone and use a mechanism to lock your phone automatically.

Learn how to detect scam

Scammers may try to involve you in a fraud scheme. If you follow these 3 basics rules, you may prevent most of them:

Do not communicate outside the goLance secure chat (you can send messages and make calls with it). We monitor the conversations and detect most of the scam attempts, but it is more difficult for us to detect them if the conversation occurs outside goLance.

Do not send money outside goLance.

If another user asks you to do something unusual, suspicious or inappropriate, contact us or flag the user . We will confirm if it is a scam or not.

You are most likely talking to a scammer if the user asks you:

  • To pay (even a small fee) to get a job, or when you just start a job. It could be a license, a site registration fees, an assurance deposit, a payment for a training kit…
  • To communicate personal or sensitive information (ID, account password, tax documents, bank details, etc.).
  • To send or receive funds outside goLance.
  • To share your contact information or to contact him outside the goLance secure chat (via email, Skype, chat).
  • To start working before a contract is created.
  • To give high quality work samples or to perform a short unpaid job as a test.
  • To do an illegal job.
  • To click on a suspicious link or to download a suspicious file. We recommend that you analyze all received documents before opening them by using antivirus software.

We are trying our best to block all the suspicious accounts, but a scam can always happen. If you detect something suspicious or inappropriate you can report it to us by reporting a user or their posted Job (you are protected, the reported user won't know it).

You can contact our Customer Support

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes there is an issue between a freelancer and a client.
In most cases, the easiest way to settle a dispute is for the freelancer and the client to discuss, figure out what happened, and work together to solve it.
However, if an agreement is not found, goLance can help them to arrive at a solution with a dispute process.
Note that the dispute process can only be used if there is a goLance contract between the freelancer and the client, and disputed time was tracked for this contract using the goMeter.
In the process, both parties will be asked to provide a detailed description of the problem and present evidence (documents, conversation log, etc.) so a dedicated goLance investigation team can evaluate the situation and make a decision.
The party who is declared the winner will have to pay a 5% fee of the total amount disputed.
At the end of the process, both parties won't be allowed to post a review on the other party.

Tips to manage a dispute

Stay polite and respectful

Be constructive and focus on finding a solution

Communicate with clear and objective evidence

As goLance is constantly trying to improve the safety of goLancers, you may be required to pass an ID verification process.
If you are requested to pass the ID Verification, you will find all the elements that you should provide when you are logged into your account.

Note that your documents will be secured at all times.

At goLance we do our best to ensure your security.
We value the work of users who help us to detect security vulnerabilities.
If you believe you have found a vulnerability in the * domains or in the goLance mobile app, we encourage you to send it to us. We will investigate and fix it as soon as possible.

You can submit your vulnerability report to our Customer Support

If your vulnerability is validated by our security team, you will be rewarded by:

  • your name and/or company name in our wall of fame, if you agree to this
  • a potential monetary reward at goLance's sole discretion

Do not engage in malicious activities!

Guideline for a vulnerability searcher

Please share the security issue with us before making it public.

Please wait until we notify you that the vulnerability has been resolved before you disclose it to others.

When submitting a vulnerability, please provide a clear, concise description of steps to reproduce the vulnerability and full details of the security issue.

To receive credit, you must be the first to report the vulnerability, and you must provide us a reasonable amount of time to remediate before you disclose the issue publicly.

Please do not engage in actions that involve:

  • your name and/or company name in our wall of fame, if you agree to this
  • a potential monetary reward at goLance's sole discretion

Hall of fame

We would like to thank the people who are helping us to keep goLance secure and safe.

Mael Baslote


Tinu Tomy

Swapnil Patil

Gaurav Gajre

Prajit Sindhkar

Muhammad Adnankhan Pathan

Muhammad Naseem

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