Cardholder Agreement

The latest update: January 2024

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How to read this Cardholder Agreement

This Cardholder Agreement is a supplement to, and must be read together with, the goLance terms of service ( ​"Terms​”).

The Terms, sets forth the terms in relation to your goLance Account (your “​goLance Account​”) and is a binding legal contract between you and goLance.

The terms set forth in this Cardholder Agreement (“​Agreement​”) also form a binding contract and apply only to your use of your Card (“​Card​”). You must agree to the terms of this Agreement to use your Card, and if you do not agree, do not use the Card and cancel it.

By activating or using the Card, or allowing someone else to use the Card, you agree to the terms of this Agreement under which the Card has been issued to you, and you must affirm or reaffirm, as the case may be, your agreement with the following agreements


“Card” means the Visa or Mastercard payment Card that allows you to access funds loaded to the Card Account. Each reference to “Card” also shallinclude “Cards.” A Card may be a virtual card represented by a 16-digit account number and a physical card embossed with the same 16-digit number.

“Card account” means the account you have opened through goLance in accordance with the goLance terms and that you may access with your Card.

“Website” means any other websites, mobile applications, products, services, or any other software offered by goLance.

Card fees

Physical and virtual card

Domestic purchases
Foreign transaction purchase
Card load
USD $1.00

Virtual card

Card activation
USD $1.00
Per card
One time when the card is activated

Physical card

Card activation
USD $12.00
Per card
One time when the card is activated
Card replacement
USD $12.00
Per card
One time when issuing a replacement card.No activation fee is required in this case
ATM Decline Fee
USD $1.00
Per transaction
When withdrawal request is declined *
ATM Balance Inquiry
USD $1.00
Per transaction
When ATM balance inquiry is made *

*Surcharge may also be applied by your ATM/POS service provider

Transactions in Foreign Currencies

If you make a purchase using a Card in a currency other than in U.S. dollars, the amount of funds deducted from the applicable Card Account will be converted by Visa or Mastercard into U.S. dollars. The exchange rate applied will be determined by Visa or Mastercard from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets on the applicable central processing date, which may vary from the rate Visa or Mastercard themselves receives or the government-mandated rate. The exchange rate used on the central processing date may be different from the rate that was in effect on the transaction’s date.

Card limit

The maximum amount that can be spent using an individual Card is limited by the bank's overall limits.

The Bank’s overall limits are:

Payment limit:

ATM limit:

In order to protect the Card accounts, we may temporarily impose limits on the dollar amount, number, and type of transactions performed using a Card. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we reserve the right to:

Transaction Restrictions

You may not use any Card for online gambling or illegal transactions. We may refuse to process any transaction we believe violates the terms of this Agreement.

How to Contact Customer Service

You may contact goLance Customer Support in the following ways:

Address or Name Changes

For legal reasons, all information you provide during the signup process for a Card or any time thereafter must be complete, accurate and truthful. You are responsible for keeping your mailing address, email address, telephone number, and other contact information on your goLance account up-to-date. Note that we reserve the right to cancel or suspend your Card at any time for any reason.


The Card is a transaction card. The Card remains the bank’s property and must be returned upon our request.To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may cancel, repossess, or revoke the Card at anytime without prior notice. The Card cannot be redeemed for cash. The Card is not for resale and may not be transferred or assigned.

Using your Card

You cannot withdraw your authorization after you have entered your PIN or signed the merchant receipt or tapped your Card against the Contactless-enabled reader.

Online transactions must be authorised by you by entering your Card details as requested by the retailer. This usually means providing your Card number, the name on your Card, the expiry date on your Card and in many cases the cvx number printed on the back of or otherwise displayed on your Card but can include any security procedures that we or the retailer require. You cannot withdraw your authorization after having completed your transaction.

You can view your transaction history by logging into your goLance Account. We recommend that you check the balance on your Card Account and your transaction history regularly.

Card and PIN Security

When selecting a PIN for a physical Card, you should not use numbers or words that appear in your date of birth, address, or social security number. You must memorize PINS and not share them with anyone. You shouldn’t write the PIN on a Card or keep it in the same location as the Card. You should treat the Card with the same care as cash. Always protect the Card and keep it in a safe place. Do not send a Card number in an email or text message. Make sure Card and Access Information is secured with encryption when used to perform transactions over the Internet or wireless networks.

Lost or Stolen Card or Compromised PIN

The Card Account is a commercial Card Account and does not provide protections for lost or stolen Card Accounts or unauthorized transactions except as expressly stated in this Agreement. Cards should be treated like cash. Until you report a Card as lost or stolen or report an unauthorized transaction, you shall be fully responsible for all transactions, even if that Card is lost, stolen or used for unauthorized transactions.
Customer Service must be contacted IMMEDIATELY if you believe:

Reporting a lost/stolen Card or unauthorized transactions through or by logging into the Website to deactivate the Card Account is the best way to minimize possible losses.

You are responsible for all unauthorized transactions initiated and fees incurred from the unauthorized use of a Card. Failure to promptly notify us could result in losing ALL of the money in the Card Account.

Refunds and Disputes

You will not receive cash refunds for Card transactions. If a merchant gives you a credit for merchandise returns or adjustments, the merchant may do so by processing a credit adjustment, which we will credit to the available funds in your Card account. We are not responsible for the delivery, quality, safety, legality, or any other aspects of goods or services purchased using a Card All such Card transaction disputes must be addressed and handled directly with the merchant from whom those goods or services were purchased.

Merchant Holds on Available Funds

When you use a Card or Card number to initiate a transaction at certain merchant locations, websites, or mobile applications such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and rental car companies, where the final purchase amount is unknown at the time of authorization, a hold may be placed on the available funds in the applicable Card Account for an amount equal to or in excess of the final transaction amount.Those held funds will not be available until the merchant sends the final transaction amount.Once the final transaction amount is sent, it may take up to seven days for the hold to beremoved. Please be advised that you may experience difficulties using a Card at unattended vending machines, kiosks, and gas station pumps. If a physical Card is declined at a “pay at the pump” gas station even though the applicable Card Account contains sufficient funds, you should pay for your purchase inside the station with the cashier. You may not use a virtual Card for making purchases at any vending machines, kiosks or gas station pumps.

Card Account Balances

It is important to know the amount of available funds in each Card Account. If there are insufficient funds in the applicable Card Account to cover a requested Card transaction, that transaction will be declined.You may not use any funds added to the Card Account in error. No transaction that could create a negative balance for any Card account shall be permitted.However, such negative balances may occur inadvertently, for example, as the result ofadjustments made to reverse an error or reflect a merchant adjustment. If a Card Account has anegative balance, you hereby agree and acknowledge that We are allowed to recover all amounts that You owe Us and that are due by charging Your other available balance. In case there are no sufficient funds available in Your goWallet when we try to recover these amounts, You agree hereby to reimburse goLance through other suitable means. If goLance is still not in a position to recover these amounts from Your Payment Method, then We are allowed to recover these amounts from the alternative funding sources, including the right to take other appropriate legal actions in order to collect these amounts which are due. For the purposes of securing Your compliance with these Terms and any effective Contract, You grant goLance with a lien on, including an appropriate security interest in Your User's Account with an unconditional approval to execute and proceed with any further and necessary action in order to exercise such rights.

No warranty of availability

From time to time, services related to the Program may be unavailable. When this happens you may be unable to use your Cards or obtain Card information.

Limitation of liability

We shall have no liability if we are unable to complete a Card transaction for any reason beyond our control. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement or as otherwise required by applicable law, we, our affiliates, and the parties with whom we contract in order to offer the Cards, Card Account, and related services are neither responsible nor liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages arising out of or relating in any way to this Agreement (as well as any related or prior agreement that you may have had with us).

Card Expiration

The expiration date of a Card is identified on the front or on the back of the Card.If there is a positive balance of funds in the applicable Card Account upon expiration of the subject Card and this Agreement is not in default, we may issue a new Card. We may also issue a new Card when the Card expires even if there are no funds in the applicable Sub Account. If a Card must be replaced for any reason, you should contact the Customer Service.


You should receive a receipt for each Card transaction. You agree to retain, verify, and reconcile Card transactions against those receipts.


Please review goLance ​​Privacy policy

Cancellation and Suspension

To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may cancel or suspend any Card, Card Account, or this Agreement immediately, for any reason, and without giving you prior notice. You may cancel the entire Card Account, or this Agreement at any time by notifying the Customer Service at Cancellation or suspension of this Agreement will not affect any of our rights or obligations arising under this Agreement before such cancellation or suspension occurred.


Subject to applicable law, we may add to, delete, or amend this Agreement at any time in our sole discretion without providing notice. We reserve the right, subject to applicable law, to deliver to you any notice of changes to existing terms or the addition of new terms by posting an updated version of this Agreement on the Website or delivering notice of changes electronically. By continuing to use your Card, you agree to be bound by the updated Terms.

Errors or Questions About Card Account Transactions

You must contact the Customer Service at as soon as you believe an error has occurred involving the Card Account. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after the transaction’s date.


If an eventuality of a dispute between you as a user (Client or Freelancer) and goLance, our priority will be to address your problems and concerns as soon as possible and, if we cannot do so in accordance with your expectations and requirements, to provide the alternative means and solutions of resolving our dispute efficiently and quickly. We strongly encouraged you to contact us directly first, in order to seek a satisfactory solution for both parties by emailing us.

Please note that you will not be allowed to raise a claim against our final Arbitration decisions! You acknowledge and agree hereby that you will not initiate any additional claims associated with this Dispute and Arbitration Policy on a class or other representative basis. In addition, you will not seek to consolidate or coordinate any additional action or arbitration hereunder with any other related proceeding after the final arbitration decision has been reached.

For any claim, you grant us with the right to resolve the dispute in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, which includes a binding non-appearance-based arbitration that includes the following rules:
(a) This arbitration shall be executed remotely by phone, written submissions and/or online exclusively with no meetings in person. The most suitable manner will be chosen by the party who has initiated the arbitration, and
(b) This arbitration will not require any personal meetings and appearances of the parties and/or witnesses involved in a dispute. The exceptions are allowed only if the parties reach a previous mutual agreement.

All claims you bring and disputes you initiate against goLance must be resolved incomplete accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. All claims filed or requested presented contrary to our terms and policies shall be treated as improperly filed and as such will be rejected due to a breach of our terms and policies. Should you file a claim contrary to our terms and policies, we reserve the right to recover any potential legal fees and costs, including paralegals and in-house lawyers. Please be advised that we will previously notify you in writing about you improperly filing a claim and give you a reasonable time to correct it accordingly or withdraw the claim itself.

Please note that our failure to act with respect to any potential breach by you or other users does not automatically waive our right to act with respect to similar or subsequent breaches.

Before initiating an arbitration demand, you and goLance agree to first notify each other of this demand’s details. You agree to notify goLance of the arbitration demand at the following addresses: 6 Bayside Road, 1st Floor - Unit 1.02, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA (Europe) and 8 The Greens, Suite 4753, Dover, DE 19901 (outside Europe) and or by email to, and goLance agrees to provide to you a notice in writing at your email address. You and goLance then will try to seek an informal voluntary solution to the disputed demand. All demands submitted by you must include your account information, a brief description of the demand, and contact information, so that you or goLance, as applicable, may evaluate the demand and attempt to informally solve the arbitration demand. Both you and goLance will have 30 days from the date of the receipt of the demand to informally resolve the other party’s demand, which, if acceptable for both parties, will prevent any further actions in this matter.

In case that both parties are unable to find an acceptable solution for a demand in question within 30 days, you and goLance agree to resolve the dispute before the arbitration of the mutual choice and agreement, instead of a jury or court. Both parties will have the right to appear at this arbitration online, by telephone and/or video, and not in person unless there is a previous mutual agreement about this requirement.

This Arbitration will be treated as the full and final agreement regarding the formal solution of the arbitration demand. Unless otherwise regulated by this Arbitration, this Arbitration between you and goLance will have the exclusive and final no-appeal jurisdiction to decide, all disputes related to the application, interpretation or enforcement of this Arbitration, including the scope, validity, enforceability or revocability of the Arbitration partially or completely. All these matters are to be decided by an arbitrator exclusively and not by a jury or court. The parties hereby agree that the arbitrator and not a jury or court will decide any questions related to the arbitration, including but not limited to any potential claim that this Arbitration partially or completely, or any other part of our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy is void or voidable.


You agree to receive electronic communications regarding your Card and your payments. goLance may communicate with You with respect to such payments by (a) sending an e-mail to the e-mail address already specified by You for Your goLance product and services account or (b) posting notices or communications to Your goLance product and services interface. These electronic communications shall be considered to be in writing.

You may contact goLance at Your product and services interface to update Your contact information used for these electronic communications or to withdraw consent to receive electronic communications, but goLance reserves the right to terminate Your use of the services if You withdraw Your consent. Please note that goLance does not provide paper copies of electronic communications.

Severability and Waiver

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be deemed to be modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid and enforceable and the rest of this Agreement will not be affected. We do not waive our rights by delaying or failing to exercise them at any time.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California excluding its conflict of law provisions and principles.