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Freelancers Only

How it works

Be a part of the Great Freelance Affiliate Gold Rush!

We pay you 12.5% of the TOTAL fee we collect.

Depending on the arrangement, some freelancers may only pay 2.95% and clients only pay 5%

Lower your fees and get paid commissions.

Are you a freelancer looking to maximize your income?

Join goLance’s exclusive affiliate program and start earning 12.5% of our fee for every referral client you bring in, for as long as they use goLance - with no limitations on your earning potential!

Here's how it works:


You refer a client who pays their freelancers on goLance.


Our fee is only 7.95% of the client’s spending, and you earn 12.5% of that fee.


This means you’ll earn approximately 1% of your referral client’s spending, which can be a substantial commission!

And the best part?

There’s no cap on how much you can earn! If your commission reaches $10,000 or more a month, it’s all yours.

We value your referrals and want to reward your efforts with unlimited earning potential.

Getting started is easy.

Simply copy your unique referral link from your goLance affiliate account and share it with your network. You can promote it on your social media, blog, website, or through direct referrals to your clients, colleagues, and friends.

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