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Welcome to goLance Dev Ventures, where we provide a distinctive solution for startups seeking to secure capital for covering consulting and development expenses.
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With AICPA and ISO 27001 certifications, we assure the highest level of data security and compliance. Your trust and peace of mind are our top priorities.
What we offer

You have the idea or startup – we invest and bring it to life

Unlock the potential of our specialized expertise and involve our software development team to offset development costs through equity exchange. Align with committed partners genuinely dedicated to propelling your success.

Expertise that drives success

Benefit from the success-driven expertise of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in both business and technology domains.

Comprehensive development support

Receive unparalleled support with a complete software development team that guides your project from conceptualization to deployment, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless development process.

Flexible equity agreements

Transparent partnership

No hidden fees – just a clear, equity-based collaboration.

Financial flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility of customized equity agreements designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your startup, providing an adaptable and tailored approach to your partnership.

Shared success

Align your success with ours through our equity-sharing model.
What we offer

Program for every startup stage

Early-stage startups

We work with early-stage startups, transforming ideas into MVPs.
About MVP Program

Validated Businesses

We offer tailored solutions to elevate your proven concepts and scale your market presence.

Growing start-ups

Accelerate your growth trajectory with our program designed for thriving start-ups.
Step by step process

How it works?

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Discuss your startup

Tell us about your startup in details and engage in collaborative discussions with our team to fine-tune the partnership terms.
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Start a journey

Start getting our mentorship, and development expertise – whatever your startup requires.
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Your benefits

Program advantages

Unlock the full potential of your startup with our exclusive program advantages.

Have your own dedicated tech team

Get your dedicated team to bolster your growing startup across all technical domains – from development and infrastructure to digital marketing.

Save your hardware and software costs

Partnering with goLance provides technical solutions and saves you from incurring costs on necessary tools and devices. We deliver a ready-to-use product, minimizing your financial burden.

Get additional support

From post-deployment technical support to real user testing support, we ensure your ongoing success.

Examples of service packages for startups

Every startup comes with unique requirements, making it challenging to provide estimates without thorough planning. Below, we illustrate examples of diverse development strategies we employ.
package #1

Fractional Leadership

Part-time executive guidance for strategic decision-making and industry insights without the commitment of a full-time leadership role.
package #2

Dev Team

Dedicated developers ready to bring your ideas to life, offering expertise in web, mobile, and deep tech development.
package #3

Full Scale Team and Leadership

Comprehensive support with a complete development team and seasoned leaders guiding your startup strategically for all-around growth.
Part-time CTO
Help with market research, strategic planning, budgeting, fundraising and optimizing resource allocation
Equity mutually decided
Dedicated tech team
Help with product development, UI/UX design services, quality assurance and testing, ongoing maintenance and support
Equity mutually decided
Dedicated CTO and tech team
Help with the entire product development cycle, product management, roadmap development, data analytics
Equity mutually decided

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