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Skip the hiring hassle. Let GoLance match you with specialized staff tailored to your short-term or long-term needs.

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Whether it's a frontend or backend role or a UX Researcher, our flexibility ensures we locate the precise role you seek.
Step by step process

How it works?

Discover our steps to ensure you connect with the best professionals for your project needs.

Create a goLance account

Join our platform and provide essential details about you and your project.
step 1

Discuss your requirements

Tell us more details about project needs during a call with our experts.
step 2

Get candidate shortlist

Within 48 hours, receive a tailored shortlist of skilled candidates matching your requirements.
step 3

Interview & select candidates

Talk directly with our talents. We coordinate and prepare candidates for their interviews with you.
step 4

Enjoy seamless onboarding

Let us handle the paperwork and assist with seamless onboarding. Get your team started hassle-free.
step 5

Get exceptional results

Experience remarkable business results.
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Why Choose Us

Partner with goLance for Superior Augmentation

Access to a diverse talent pool

We offer vast networks and databases for a diverse pool of qualified candidates.
Access a wide talent range, including passive candidates not actively seeking new roles.

Expertise in recruitment

We specialize in recruitment, leveraging industry trends and market insights.
Our team excels at identifying and assessing candidates, ensuring effective and efficient hiring.

Cost-effective solutions

We prevent costs from bad hires: training, productivity loss, and team disruption.
Our expertise ensures faster, more efficient hires.

Confidentiality and discretion

Our team ensure confidentiality in sensitive searches like executive roles.
We handle the process discreetly, safeguarding client and candidate privacy.

Post-placement support

We offer post-placement support for a seamless transition, including onboarding assistance and issue resolution follow-up.

Save up to 40% on hiring costs!

Our clients save up to 40% or more on hiring costs and management fees when choosing goLance.
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Staff augmentation vs. Managed team

Staff Augmentation

Managed Software Development

Staff augmentation involves hiring individual professionals or teams to supplement an existing in-house development team. This allows for flexibility in scaling resources up or down based on project requirements.
Managed software development often involves fixed scopes and budgets. Clients define the project requirements, and goLance manages the entire process to meet those specifications within the agreed-upon budget.
Client control
Clients have more control over the development process, as they directly manage the augmented staff. They can assign tasks, set priorities, and have more visibility into the day-to-day activities of the team.
In a managed software development model, goLance takes end-to-end responsibility for the project. This includes project management, development, quality assurance, and delivery.
Expertise access
This model is often chosen when the client needs specific skills or expertise for a limited duration. Staff augmentation allows access to a pool of professionals with diverse skill sets.
goLance brings its expertise to the table and is accountable for the success of the project. This can be beneficial for clients who prefer to delegate the management of the project to professionals with proven track records.
Client benefit
Clients do not need to worry about administrative and operational aspects like office space, equipment, or employee benefits, as the augmented staff works remotely or on-site under the client's direction.
Clients have less day-to-day involvement in the development process. Instead, they receive regular updates and milestones, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.
Our hiring process

Quality to the highest Standards

step 1

Initial screening

Our meticulous process verifies applicants against set criteria, including experience, language proficiency and skills relevance.
step 2

Soft skills assessment & Interviews

Evaluating communication, passion, and attitude to ensure a cohesive fit within our talent pool.
step 3

Online skills proficiency testing

Assessing proficiency in specific roles and skills crucial for the position applied for.
step 4

Technical Evaluation by Senior Professionals

A comprehensive 60-minute interview conducted by a skilled professional, reviewing test results and additional exercises.
step 5

Advanced assignment & Interview

Evaluating decision-making in assignments and communication skills for a holistic assessment.
step 6

Background & KYC verification

Upholding trust and transparency, our thorough background verification includes validating credentials and an automated KYC check.

Elite candidates in our Premium Freelancers Pool

You manage work, we handle payroll and benefits

Leave the administrative tasks to us. While you concentrate on your projects, we take care of payroll and ensure comprehensive benefits for you and your team.
Our clients say


Derek VanHoose

Set Financial CEO
"goLance’s technology is so powerful! The available screen reporting capability makes it easier and much less expensive to manage remote workers than it is to track the work of people sitting in our office. Plus, we didn’t have to pay a fee to use the goLance platform."

Ben Maddux

Necensus CEO
"I was with another service, and when I tested goLance I saw that it was functionally much better. The goLance contractors are a tight-knit group of people that work together to help the people they are trying to support."

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