Development team

Hire a managed development team to deliver success

Leverage the power of our full-time, professionally-managed development teams to effortlessly handle your hands-on projects. Avail of personalized development solutions tailored to suit diverse business needs.

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Development team

Hire a managed development team to deliver success

Leverage the power of our full-time, professionally managed development teams to effortlessly handle your hands-on projects. Utilize personalized development solutions tailored to suit diverse business needs.

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Our list of clients don’t settle for less than the best global talent

A different kind of development team

The people

goLance expertly identifies, scrutinizes, and pairs the perfect professionals possessing the necessary skills and experience for your success.

The path

Transform your business effortlessly as goLance simplifies the process of crafting a custom solution perfectly aligned to your needs for assured success.

Why hire a managed development team from goLance?

Domain Expertise

Our team boasts domain experts in over 20 fields, including cloud services, application development, and AI/ML, ready to fulfill your project requirements.

Custom Governance Model

With our flexible and transparent engagement model, you can expect on-time deliveries, providing a sense of comfort and reliability.

Save Time

Get your dedicated team up and running in approximately two weeks, a fraction of the time it usually takes.

How goLance builds your managed development team

The foundation of your exclusive team begins with a Delivery Manager and Project Manager, each providing seasoned industry expertise.

Hiring a managed development team is easy

In just three steps, experience swift, transparent service coupled with comprehensive management and control protocols, all delivered by the world's leading on-demand engineering team tailored to your project

Task Scoping

We craft a transparent roadmap, strategic execution plan, and a bespoke development blueprint catered to your specific needs.

Tooling Specifications

Following this, we'll identify the required products, services, dependencies, integrations, data models and structures, along with the hosting infrastructure essential for your project's success

Team Formation

Finally, we assemble the ideal team, equipped with the requisite skills and experience, ready to deliver results in alignment with your governance model.

What clients say about goLance

Derek VanHoose

CEO, Set Financial

goLance’s technology is so powerful! The available screen reporting capability makes it easier and much less expensive to manage remote workers than it is to track the work of people sitting in our office. Plus, we didn’t have to pay a fee to use the goLance platform.

Pavel Koshelev

Software Developer and owner of Atomic Webzone Agency

goLance gives my contractors the flexibility to live anywhere in the world and work. It’s great to be able to handle as much business as you can from any location.

Michael Hutchison

CEO, White Eagle Technologies

I was able to shift gears during the COVID-19 pandemic and more than triple revenue in my TV repair business in just six months, thanks to the outstanding performance of talented freelancers from goLance.

Sheena Arellano

Owner, Arellson Agency

I started with 10 agents and in just 2 years after using goLance, I have 32 customer service and telemarketing home-based contractors in the Philippines that rely on the goLance platform. The work diary makes it easy for me to track their activities and meet the growing needs of my e-commerce clients.

Ben Maddux

CEO, Necensus

I was with another service, and when I tested goLance I saw that it was functionally much better. The goLance contractors are a tightknit group of people that work together to help the people they are trying to support.

Joe Graziano

CEO, RewardWorks by zeVez

“goLance has exceptional, personalized customer service and we couldn’t be happier. I feel like goLance cares as much about the client as they do the freelancer, and that’s a good balance. We switched to goLance because another freelance platform raised our rates, and it’s so much easier to communicate with goLance and express our needs.”