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White Eagle Technologies

White Eagle Technologies, a US-based TV Repair and Budding Transportation Service Provider, Improves Revenue, Customer Satisfaction, and Flexibility with goLance

About White Eagle Technologies

White Eagle Technologies is a nationwide service provider for IT, technology and TV maintenance and repair services.

Key results


Increased revenue in six months


Saved by eliminating costs

Vastly improved customer satisfaction

Business Challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, White Eagle Technologies, which was a provider of IT, technology, and TV maintenance and repair services to major cities throughout the United States, had to dramatically adjust its business model. The company’s IT services and commercial fiber-optic technology installations came to a halt, as most of its vendors went out of business.

To adapt, Michael Hutchison, CEO of White Eagle Technologies, went back to focusing on the company’s roots—doing TV repairs for warranty companies. He had to ensure that a powerful, dedicated support team was available 24x7 to handle the accounting, work orders, shipments, scheduling, and responding to customer inquiries as the TV repair business accelerated. With the growth in online shopping, Hutchison also decided to launch a new business as a virtual customer service provider to the trucking industry, and will leverage global freelancers to support this effort.

How goLance Helped

goLance provided White Eagle with loyal, productive, and highly effective customer service reps and other workers who do their jobs remotely throughout the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Nigeria. White Eagle works with TV warranty companies to service repairs for their clients throughout the United States. The goLancers who support White Eagle are responsible for all aspects of customer service. goLance also provides an accountant and the supervisors who work closely with the support team to ensure the departments are running smoothly. As a result of their outstanding customer service, White Eagle’s clients have sent the company considerably more TV repair business in 2020.

“I was able to shift gears during the COVID-19 pandemic and more than triple revenue in my TV repair business in just six months, thanks to the outstanding performance of talented freelancers from goLance. I can also sleep peacefully at night knowing that the global freelancers I hire will get paid securely, quickly, and with the lowest transaction fees available.”

Michael Hutchison

CEO, White Eagle Technologies

White Eagle Technologies

Benefits Realized With goLance

They Attribute This Success To

Having a 100% remote business model and powerful culture

goLance provides the talent, technology, and personalized service to White Eagle. When you combine those resources with White Eagle’s internal open-door processes that help workers feel appreciated and connected, you create an exceptional environment for worker productivity and customer satisfaction. White Eagle even has weekly cultural exchange meetings to get to know each other better, led by Hannah Princessa Ko, VP Operations/Management for White Eagle. Each week the workers share what’s going on in their communities and discuss their work.

Using a highly efficient, secure, intuitive platform with low fees for freelancers, fast payments and no fees for hiring clients

Making cross-border payments, particularly in the Philippines, where the currency is volatile, can be challenging, slow and costly with other freelance marketplace platforms. The goLance platform provides greater transparency and flexibility, enabling freelancers to be paid faster and to withdraw funds at more optimum times. In addition, freelancers pay low fees compared with other platforms.

Hiring freelancers that provide superior service

Customer satisfaction has increased since working with goLance, and as a result, White Eagle has received more business from its customers. “We are a multi-cultural community and the workers have contributed to ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own,” says Hutchison. “We survived because we were able to deliver great service cost effectively, and goLance helped to make that possible.”

Having the flexibility to launch a new business—trucking services

US e-commerce activity is surging, and this creates a new opportunity for White Eagle, which is working on developing a new business that will provide services to trucking companies. The company will be engaging freelancers in planning loads, mapping routes, supporting clients, following up on schedules, contacting drivers, and other related virtual services to support these companies.

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