More about goLance

We know you have options. So here’s a rundown of super good reasons to choose us. Drum roll please.

Our Vision and Mission

To create a more meaningful and prosperous working world.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of global, world-class, remote freelance services and teams in an environment that delivers the most value to our clients, their customers, and freelancers.

Our Mission

We enable our clients and freelancers to thrive remotely through our innovative technology, best practices, flexibility, and transparency. We provide high-quality talent with a wide range of skillsets – virtual assistants, designers, software developers, project managers, writers, and more – who can help companies to scale successfully and drive growth.

Our core values

We’re passionate about delivering the best services available to our community. That involves seamlessly connecting the right person for each job based on their skills and performance—no matter where they are located.

Customer Focused and Value Driven
Inclusion, Sustainability and Growth
Trust and Transparency
Empowered Community

Message from our Leadership

Michael Brooks
CEO at goLance

We’re a different kind of online marketplace. But we’re different in a good way. That’s because whether you’re looking to hire a person or team, or if you’re trying to find work, we’ll go that extra mile for you. We’re efficient, nimble, approachable, and committed to helping our clients and freelancers achieve their objectives – financially, personally, and professionally.We’re not a monolith and we don’t pretend to be.

Instead, our focus is on you – our clients and freelancers. We help to ensure that you have the resources, technology, trust, and best practices to meet business challenges today and into the future in a global remote environment. Join us today and see what goLance can do for you.

Dan Reyes
President and COO at goLance

This is an exciting time for the remote working world full of unlimited potential, especially for digital business initiatives. Everything I’ve done in my career—as a business owner, a national champion Angel investor for tech startups and other industries, and as a mentor and advisor—has brought me here to goLance. That’s why I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help companies and freelancers thrive.Businesses today demand speed and agility and there’s no turning back.

I know what’s it like to move at what seems like lightning-fast speed while delivering great results. And I know how to do this without all the stress that can often accompany innovation. I’m dedicated to helping our clients put together a team of global experts ready at any time to augment their staff and help them to scale quickly, effectively, and affordably.

William Deveneau
CFO at goLance

I enjoy the opportunity to provide strategic guidance that helps goLance to evolve, grow, and deliver new services and technologies to its community. With my extensive experience as an attorney, CFO, founder of e-commerce stores, and managing partner of a financial group, I’ve been able to establish best practices for goLance and the people it serves worldwide.

I take pride in knowing that companies looking to move their business to the next level can feel confident that goLance offers the security, stability, and innovative services that they and their freelancers need to succeed.

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