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Zevez Corporation

zeVez Saves Money, Expands Business, and Moves to a Total Remote Workforce with Talented goLancers

About Zevez

RewardWorks is a subsidiary of Zevez Corporation  offers an AP Automation Credit Card payments software application that interfaces with your existing accounting program, streamlining card payments. RewardWorks is an accounts payable tool for processing, paying, posting and reconcilling invoices paid.

Business Challenge

zeVez makes it easy for its customers, which generally have between $5 million and $1 billion in sales each year, to identify and process bills that can be paid by secure, virtual credit cards for fixed amounts and one-time use.

After verification, the payments are processed, and the customers are issued rewards. Although the company maintains a database of suppliers that accept credit cards, and the types used, in many cases the suppliers also need to be contacted by phone to verify credit card acceptance policies and amounts.

The company, which has a combination of in-house staff and global freelance talent, wanted to bring on more freelancers to support call centers and provide other services to keep up with business demands. Graziano was looking for a freelance marketplace with exceptional customer support and an equitable pricing structure.

How goLance Helped

Jose Graziano, CEO, RewardWorks by zeVez, is very satisfied with the customer support, technology for managing and paying workers, and the talented global goLancers that now provide tele-verification of credit card acceptance policies, programming, data analysis, customer service, operations, and other activities. The goLance pricing model was also much more favorable to the company and its freelancers than what was offered by other freelance platforms. As zeVez brought on an increasing number of remote workers, Graziano noticed that people were even more productive working from home than from the office.

“goLance has exceptional, personalized customer service and we couldn’t be happier. I feel like goLance cares as much about the client as they do the freelancer, and that’s a good balance. We switched to goLance because another freelance platform raised our rates, and it’s so much easier to communicate with goLance and express our needs.”

Joe Graziano

CEO, RewardWorks by zeVez

Benefits Realized With goLance

They Attribute This Success To

Industrious, happy freelancers

goLance freelancers work steadily from 20 to 40 hours a week and take home more of their paycheck than with other freelance marketplaces. Because of goLance’s lower fees and zeVez’s opportunities for advancement, goLance has helped Graziano to foster long-term working relationships with its freelancers.

Exceptional customer service from goLance

goLance provides the business whatever support is needed, the flexibility to customize services for its clients, and goes beyond what’s offered by other freelance marketplace providers. “It’s a digital society, and goLance personalizes their customer service and you don’t have to talk to a machine when you need help,” says Graziano.

A great pricing model

golance's pricing model keeps its clients happy with no fees for goLance clients. goLance also accepts credit card payments for freelancers.

Technology and business practices for fully remote companies

The goMeter and work diary make it easy to check the status of activities, track time, and ensure that payments are accurate and timely.

Additional Benefits with goLance

“We didn’t start out as a remote business, but as we brought on more freelancers from goLance, and saw how well it worked, the process of becoming fully remote was an easy transition. We had to go entirely remote since May 2020 due to COVID requirements, and it was working out so well that we decided we no longer needed an office.”

Joe Graziano

CEO, RewardWorks by zeVez

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