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We’ve greased the wheels for you with functionality that makes for a smooth ride managing your agency on goLance.

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Clear & Clean Reporting

Clear & clean reporting
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Whether you want the big picture or a detailed breakdown, we’ve made our reporting easy to customize and easy on the eyes.

Meet goMeter

goMeter is our simple, smart, user-friendly time tracker and work diary. These optional tools function in tandem to provide transparency for clients and freelancers on hourly contracts.

Time tracker

Verify that an hour paid is an hour worked with automated minute-by-minute time tracking or manually entry, subject to a client’s approval.

Knowing how much time it takes freelancers to complete tasks can help you plan future projects with greater accuracy.

Work diary

The work diary provides an overview of activities. It’s designed to improve communications between our clients and freelancers. You can leave comments, make notes, add updates, and even compare past and current job activities.

Flexible Contracts

 Get paid the way you prefer: by the hour or on a fixed-price basis. With fixed-price projects, you’ll also have the option to create milestones that can help ensure expectations are aligned as the project progresses.

Flexible Payment Methods

How Billing Works

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