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and we never charge a fee to use a credit card.

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Why choose goLance over Upwork?

Because it's much better at a fraction of the price

You Get Cash Back

You Get Cash Back

Unlike Upwork, we give you 2% Cash Back. These funds
are automatically loaded into your account every 60 days.

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Lower Fees

Lower Fees

Upwork charges up to 20% and a 3% credit card FEE.
We charge a flat 7.95% fee to freelancers and our service
is always FREE to clients. You never pay a service fee.
Faster Payment

Faster Payment

goLancers of Verified and Trusted clients get paid 5 to 10 days
faster than others. This makes goLancers happier working with
high-status goLance clients that have excellent hiring history.

Dynamic Controls

Dynamic Controls

Have more than one company, partner or collaborator?
Need to keep payments separate for accounting? goLance has
the most comprehensive tools for small businesses.

Available Funding

Payday Advance and
Flexible Review Periods

Based on the status of the client, goLancers can be offered payday
advance options for a small fee. goLance's highest-status clients
have the ability to set minimal or no review periods for their goLancers.

Recruiting Support

Recruiting Support

We get to know you and your business needs. You get our personal attention and cell phone numbers. goLance takes the time to evaluate the strength of goLancers, and personally connects you with hand-picked, pre-screened candidates.

How Much
Can I Save?

On Upwork, clients pay to use the platform.
On goLance, clients pay nothing, and instead
get money back from what they spend on
their freelancers. This money is paid from
the freelancer’s 7.95% goLance commission
fee every 60 days and is yours to spend
at goLance on whatever you wish.

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You spend

Cashback 2%







3% Fee*:


* This fee calculator assumes you will be paying the standard fee
of 3% Upwork charges its clients for processing payments.

How do you move?
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Invite freelancers

Invite Freelancers

Invite freelancers, entrepreneurs
or business owners through
your account dashboard.

Hire freelancers

Hire Freelancers

Once your freelancers accept
the invite they can begin working
and logging their time in the goLance
time tracker (goMeter).

Get cash-back

Get Cash Back

You begin accruing cash back
as soon as you start hiring

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