goLance vs. Upwork

goLance vs. Upwork

Build Your Online Workforce

Lower fees and more features for freelancers and clients. What's there to
think about? Make the switch today and get CASH BACK on every dollar you spend
and we NEVER charge a fee to use a credit card.

Why choose goLance over Upwork?

Because it's much better at a fraction of the price

You Get Cash Back
Unlike Upwork, we give you 2-5% Cash Back* depending on which payment method you use. These funds are automatically loaded into your account every 60 days.
Lower Fees
Upwork charges up to 20% and a 2.75% credit card FEE, we charge a flat 7.95% fee to freelancers and our service is always FREE to clients. You never pay a service fee.
Faster Payment
goLancers of Verified clients get paid up to 5 days faster than Upwork. This makes quality goLancers happier and clients like you desirable with stronger hiring power.
Dynamic Controls
Have more than one company, partner or collaborator? Need to keep payments separate for accounting? goLance has the most comprehensive tools for small businesses.
Recruiting Support
We get to know you and your business needs. You get our personal attention and Cell Phone numbers. goLance takes the time to get to know you, to get to know the strength of the goLancer and personally connects you with hand-picked pre-screened candidates.
Available Funding
Not only is goLance's services a great value, we understand the flocculating capital needs of today's small business. Apply for goCredit to extend your payment terms.

How Much Can I Save?

On Upwork clients pay to use the platform. On goLance, clients pay nothing, and instead get money back from what they spend on their freelancers. This money is paid from the freelancer’s 7.95% goLance commission fee every 60 days and is yours to spend on whatever you wish.
You Spend:
Link a Bank
Credit Card


% Cashback:


2.75% Fee*:
How do you move?

How do you move?
Simple in 5 easy steps

  1. Sign up to goLance.
  2. Invite freelancers (and anyone else you think would enjoy goLance) through your account dashboard.
  3. Once your freelancers accept the invite they can begin working and tracking time in the goLance time tracker (goMeter).
  4. You begin accruing cash-back as soon as you start hiring.
  5. All of your existing freelancers who currently have a freelancers fee of 5%* will stay at that rate on goLance. Any freelancers who do not fall under this category (new or existing) will fall under our standard freelancer fee (7.95%).

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