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Need top talent but don't have the time or resources to search for it yourself? We'll deliver the workforce you need so you can focus on your business.

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Highest Quality Talent

To guarantee that your project is in great hands, our selection process is rigorous and exacting!

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With our impressive brand recognition and expert teams, we've already done the hard work of finding top talent - they're primed to tackle any project!

Risk Free

If you are not completely satisfied with the candidate within a week, we've got it covered - no cost to you!

No Boundaries

We don't just look for talent in our backyards - we go out of the way to find exceptional candidates from every corner of the globe.

How it Works

Sourcing the right people can require a lot of effort. Luckily, we have developed a stress free method to take this heavy load off your shoulders.


Let's come together to lay out the foundations of this project in a requirements call.


goLance seeks out talented individuals and subjects them to a rigorous evaluation to ensure only top-notch talent passes.


Let's get to know the talent who could be joining you soon - it's time for their big interview!


Pick from the most qualified candidates you’ve interviewed– it's up to you who joins your team!

Hire faster & efficiently

By trusting our ever growing network of freelancers, you are sure to find talented individuals or teams faster while minimizing risk

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Developers on Demand

Our developers are masters across multiple technologies. Let us match you with an expert in the tech stack of your choice!


We will allow our clients to share how they found success through us

Pavel Koshelev

goLance gives my contractors the flexibility to live anywhere in the world and work. It’s great to be able to handle as much business as you can from any location.

Ben Maddux

I was with another service, and when I tested goLance I saw that it was functionally much better. The goLance contractors are a tightknit group of people that work together to help the people they are trying to support.

Derek VanHoose

goLance’s technology is so powerful! The available screen reporting capability makes it easier and much less expensive to manage remote workers than it is to track the work of people sitting in our office. Plus, we didn’t have to pay a fee to use the goLance platform.

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