Share and Earn with Our Referral Program

goLance invites employers to partner with us and earn up to 50% cash back on fees, as well as a residual revenue referral program for all users, so you never stop earning.

How It Works

Hello! Did You Know...

Tell your friends about goLance.

Your friend signs up via your referral link.

You earn 10% of the commission fee for the lifetime of all their contracts.


What if...

A User refers a Freelancer and goLance gets a client that comes to us WITHOUT being referred:

The User receives 10% commission IF the Referred Freelancer works for that client.

A User Refers an Employer and a Freelancer no one referred works for that Employer:

Then the User receives the Full 10% Commission.

If User A refers a Freelancer and User B refers an Employer and that Freelancer and Employer work together:

The Two Users that referred them split the referral fee and each 5% Each.