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ACH Direct Deposit

Local Funds Transfer


ACH & Paypal: United States goLancers

Paypal, Local Funds Transfer, Transpay: Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Eurozone/SEPA, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan, and Philippines

Other Countries: Transpay

How Does Billing Work?

Timesheet Submitted
Freelancer logged time using goMeter.
Payday Advance Period
Hours within the weekly limit are invoiced to your clients on Monday. They have 5 days to review the work.
Paid by Employer
Employer transfers funds to goLance.
Payday Advance

No one likes to wait, especially when it comes to your paycheck. It can take up to 2 weeks for employers to review and pay you for your work.

With Payday Advance, we'll give you your hard-earned money before your employer reviews the work and releases the funds.

Payment & Billing FAQ

How Does Payment Work?
You have a ton of options on goLance. Our standard payout period – you work and invoice clients on Monday. They have 5 days to review the work. By Wednesday, clients pay.
What Is The Review Period?
The review period provides a buffer for your clients to look over your Work Diary and make sure the tasks assigned are complete. This time is leveraged by both parties to ensure everyone is on the same page on the scope of work that was executed.
What Type Of Security Is There?
There is a security period where clients are billed and payments processed. If the payment fails to go through for any reason we have measures in place to reach out to the client to get the funds. In extreme cases, legal action and / or a collection agency may be used.
What Is Payday Advance?
We believe you should have your money the moment you want it. So we’ve created a system where you can bypass the review period and get your money out whenever you want for a small fee.
Are There Other Types Of Payments Processes?
Yes. Besides hourly contracts, there are fixed contracts for a set rate. No matter which contract is agreed upon, clients have the ability to send bonuses to their freelancers at any time.