Better Tools For A Digital Workforce

We've made it easy to build a team of trusted freelancers, better collaboration and precision hiring while we handle the heavy lifting.

goLance Organizational Tools

The wide array of tools available within the goLance system not only make it easier to find the right candidate for your position, but also makes it easier to manage them to increase efficiency and productivity. Spend less time managing, and more time focusing on your business goals to increase growth and profitability.

Hire and manage a team of freelancers

Our unique eco-system for hiring superb goLancers allows you to connect with the right person (or persons) for the job with an al la carte permissions based interface. Enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency with split payments with sub-contractor project segments.

Set milestones to segment projects and payments

The goLance milestone structure makes it easy for you to track the work that is being done on your project assuring that things stay on course and budget.

A Better System for Finding Qualified Candidates

Putting together a great team to build a great product takes substantial amounts of time and money. goLance can filter freelancers that have applied to your post by those that have submitted background checks and passed training tests to fit your qualifications so you don't have to spend hours finding the right person.

Want a quick start?

Jumpstart Your Profile with LinkedIn

Fund Your Project

goLance offers the goCredit program to employers who need extra funds to grow their business or start their next project. goCredit provides working capital to businesses that can be immediately used on the goLance platform.
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Earn with Cash Back and Referrals

We invite employers and entrepreneurs to partner with us to earn up to 50% cash back on all fees. For more earning potential, you can also refer new users and earn ongoing commission fees for each user who works or conducts work on our platform.
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