Get Cash Back When You Hire Freelancers

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We want to give back to the people who help us build goLance, and that means our clients.
By hiring our freelancers, you work with us and when you work with us, you become our partner.

What is the goLance Cash Back option?

Cash back is exactly what it sounds like. When you pay freelancers, we put cash back in your goWallet. These funds go into your goLance account and can be used at goLance to cover bonuses or hire more freelancers.

How Much Can I Save?

On Upwork, clients pay to use the platform. On goLance, clients pay nothing, and instead get money back from what they spend on their freelancers. This money is paid from the freelancer’s 7.95% goLance commission fee every 60 days and is yours to spend at goLance on whatever you wish.
You Spend:


% Cashback:


3% Fee*:

They saved on goLance and here's what they have to say about it

Rey Pasinli
Executive Director, Total Apps
Our business model requires us to seek out creative and unique freelancers in the photography, writing and design sectors on a routine basis. Finding goLance has been a lifesaver for our company because it removes our previous lengthy search process and allows us to find the best creative freelancers in these industries at an affordable price.
Frank Cottle
Founder, Alliance Business Centers
I founded a business center that focuses on providing top tier virtual office and telecommunications solutions for companies worldwide. Imagine my excitement when I then found that goLance could provide me with top tier freelance professionals who were capable, flexible, reliable and supremely skilled.
Ed Hong
Owner, OneShot Marketing
My company is involved in a high pressure and face paced industry, and I need a quick and reliable staff. By replacing my staff with goLance contractors, I've been able to increase efficiency and save both time and money. I'm able to manage my projects with less stress and I can constantly monitor results via the work diary. This allows me to make quick and effective decisions to increase my ROI, and this is always a good thing!
Brett Florio
CEO & Product Manager, FoxyCart.com
The talent we have hired on goLance has been very solid and I can say our applicant pool through goLance has been miles ahead of what we have seen on other platforms.
Making the switch to goLance was a big win for us.
Sarah Jankowski
Founder, inboxwetrust.com
goLance has made it possible us to build a quality dedicated team and run a SaaS business successfully. The incentives and benefits of working with goLance seemed I thought too good to be true. The support and value of goLance has been one best advantages to our business and far more then I would have ever expect. They have client in me for life.
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