Customer Story

Set Financial, a US-based Consumer Finance Company, Lowers Payroll Costs, Increases Productivity, and Accelerates Growth with a Remote Workforce and the goLance Platform
Derek VanHoose CEO, Set Financial
“goLance’s technology is so powerful! The available screen reporting capability makes it easier and much less expensive to manage remote workers than it is to track the work of people sitting in our office. Plus, we didn’t have to pay a fee to use the goLance platform.”
The Company Benefits with goLance:
  • Cuts payroll costs in half and boosts productivity with dedicated, tech-savvy remote workers
  • Uses innovative technology to help manage a global remote workforce easier, more effectively, and at a lower cost than managing in-house call center staff
  • Expands business growth by rapidly delivering higher-quality services

Business Challenge

This growing, US-based company provides consumer loans and wanted to reduce the time and expense involved in managing an onsite call center for customer service and other functions. As the company moved more work from its in-house call center to remote staff, the business reduced costs but also needed the technology to more easily manage remote workers located offsite.
The company reduced costs substantially and increased call center efficiency by switching from an in-house model to an entirely remote workforce for the operational team through goLance.
They attribute this success to a variety of reasons:

High-quality, happy contractors

Contractors working through goLance are very satisfied with the platform and payment structure.

Lower costs and higher efficiency by increasing the remote global workforce

The US dollar generally holds a substantially higher value overseas. The company’s contractors are highly skilled but the cost per worker is significantly less than in the United States. The goLance platform provided extensive features that simplified managing workers remotely. As a result, Set Financial was able to hire more remote workers to support growth, while also reducing expenses.

Superior technology for managing work, recording screens, and messaging

Contractors using goLance log their daily work hours in the goMeter time tracker, which tracks their work through messaging, entries in a work diary, desktop screenshots, and activity reports. The platform gives managers the visibility to check in on a worker’s progress, gauge daily “on-the-job” productivity, and view an accurate record of billable work hours from their contractors. As a result, the company didn’t have to invest in expensive technology to provide these capabilities because it’s already part of the goLance platform.

Financial incentives, no client service fees, and an easy way to pay workers

Instead of paying a fee to use the goLance platform, the business is credited back a percentage of the amount spent on payroll. goLance also offers multiple ways to pay contractors worldwide for added flexibility.

Ease of doing business with goLance

The company was impressed with the personalized concierge-type service from a dedicated account manager whenever they had questions, needed assistance or had feedback about goLance.

Additional benefits

Decreased equipment and maintenance costs

As more work shifted to a fully remote model, with just the managers remaining onsite, the business reduced the burden of maintaining onsite equipment for the operational team.

Put the savings to work

By saving so much on payroll, the payroll taxes, and other expenses, the company was able to invest more in marketing, advertising and other areas to expand its business.

Low turnover

Their contractors are fast learners, very tech savvy, and the turnover with the remote hiring model is substantially lower than when that work was done internally (onsite).

Save management time

The company broke the remote staff into two teams and each contractor on goLance reports to a manager. The managers work more efficiently because of the exceptional reporting capabilities and visibility available with the goLance platform.
Derek VanHoose CEO, Set Financial
Derek VanHoose CEO, Set Financial
“As we moved more work from our onsite center to remote contractors, we cut our payroll costs in half and reduced other expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining onsite equipment. We were also able to deliver the high-quality service that our customers expect.”

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