Business Case Study

Necensus, a US-based Advertising Agency, Leverages Exceptional goLance Talent and Platform to Grow Business and Reduce Labor Costs
Ben Maddux CEO, Necensus
Ben Maddux CEO, Necensus
“The goLance team helped match me with the freelancers that would be perfect for us and they did a really good job with that.”
Company Benefits with goLance:
  • Uses a highly skilled, collaborative, hand-picked expert pool of remote developers, marketing professionals, project managers, and designers to develop and manage resources that deliver an excellent customer experience
  • Increases flexibility with technology to easily manage contractors with many payment options for multiple companies by logging in with just one profile
  • Saves time and dramatically simplifies billing and reporting with comprehensive payroll capabilities
  • Achieves dramatic reductions in labor expenses with the flexibility to scale up or down based on business demands and very favorable pricing for talent
I find that the talent pool from goLance is far better than from anywhere else. I’ve been lucky to get some of the best men and women there.
Ben Maddux
CEO, Necensus

Business Challenge

Necensus is an online advertising company for skincare, diet, health, and wellness products that are sold in the United States. The company strives to adapt to changes in the market, as new products and existing product enhancements are released. Necensus is also associated with a 50-agent call center and onsite management team in the Philippines, which Maddux launched about 7 years ago. That team produces and sells the leading products that are promoted by Necensus and a digital marketing company, which is also run by Maddux.
In the past, Necensus used another recruitment and payment service for its remote talent to work on projects that the call center relies on, but Maddux needed a more comprehensive, cost-effective, and intuitive platform for contractor payments. He also wanted to build a highly skilled and collaborative remote team of developers, project managers, designers, and marketing contractors to help the company scale to launch and promote new brands and keep up with the pace of digital business.

Advantages of Using goLance:

The company switched to goLance from another service because the costs were lower, the goLance contractors were exceptional performers, and the platform was easier to use and more powerful. goLance helped Necensus in a variety of ways:

Amazing talent pool that performs high-level functions:

Developers specialize in webform building, site coding for the CRM system, and building pages for websites. They’ve also built utilities that help improve the flow and function of the business to improve the customer experience. Designers create the artwork and labels to support the company’s new brands. A project manager provides daily updates on the project status and reporting. Other contractors developed articles for marketing a wide range of products.

goLance platform with comprehensive functionality to support multiple businesses:

The platform is a great resource for entrepreneurs who have multiple companies and joint ventures with people and partnerships. “I don’t have to use a log in for every little thing I need. I just go in, use the goLance platform and it’s very intuitive and versatile,” said Maddux.

Tremendous savings:

goLance is much more cost effective than other services the company had previously used to hire, recruit, and pay talent.

Happy contractors with exceptional visibility into payments:

The staff likes the way they get paid. They know when they’re going to get paid and how much they’ll receive.
I was with another service, and when I tested goLance I saw that it was functionally much better. The goLance contractors are a tightknit group of people that work together to help the people they are trying to support.
Ben Maddux
CEO, Necensus
Additional Benefits:
  • Personal touch: The goLance contractors are very carefully screened so you get the right person you need for your business.
  • Dedicated contractors: Necensus began working with goLance about 2 years ago and most of the contractors are still with the company. They have a great sense of pride in their work and function very well as a team.
  • Reduced payroll costs: By hiring people only when needed, Necensus saves about 50% of its payroll costs compared to the cost of maintaining full-time staff.
  • Intuitive website: The goLance website is much more than just functional — it’s pleasing to the eye and simple to use.
  • Innovative dashboard: It’s easy to monitor and see what the contractors are doing at any given point in time.

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