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Pavel Koshelev Blasts Off from Freelance Software Developer to Atomic Webzone Agency Owner with goLance
Pavel Koshelev Software Developer and owner of Atomic Webzone Agency
“goLance gives my contractors the flexibility to live anywhere in the world and work. It’s great to be able to handle as much business as you can from any location.”
Benefits with goLance:
Just a few years ago, Pavel Koshelev was working as freelance software developer for Response CRM, a digital marketing business, and also helping to develop and test the goLance website. In fact, he was one of the first contractors to use the site. Today, he’s the proud owner of Atomic Webzone Agency, which now includes 12 remote technical workers in Warsaw and Eastern Europe. He attributes this success to his hard work, excellent team, and goLance, which helped to make his dream of owning a thriving agency a reality. goLance provides Pavel and his agency with a variety of benefits:
  • Enables his business to grow by using goLance to find new clients and talent
  • Saves time and dramatically simplifies billing and reporting with comprehensive payroll capabilities
  • Makes it easy to manage contractors who work remotely
Working on goLance has been the most wonderful opportunity for me and my family. My wife, Olga, also works through goLance and loves it, too.
Pavel Koshelev
Atomic Webzone agency, founder

Business Challenge

Pavel has an incredible work ethic and thrives on the flexibility of doing business remotely as a freelancer and manager of an agency that does website development, systems administration, and coding for a variety of industries. He wanted to take on more clients to expand his business but needed to bring in other people in order to scale quickly. This required being able to find the best talent for his agency and using a comprehensive, flexible, platform that would eliminate the tedious manual efforts involved in time tracking and billing.

Advantages of Using goLance

As Pavel used goLance to find more contractors to support his agency, he was able to ramp up business and increase his client base from supporting about 3 to 5 clients at a time to more than 65. goLance has enabled his business to flourish due to its:

Fast, accurate, and easy platform for payroll:

The goLance platform saves Pavel many hours of work each week because he doesn’t have to do reporting and billing manually. The portal provides everything you need. The goMeter tracks the time his contractors work and is integrated with the goLance platform, which processes the payments.

Easy way to find new clients:

Pavel and his team support many clients, and all of them reached out to him from goLance. He can support clients 24x7 because goLance has made it possible to manage a global, distributed workforce.

Excellent customer support:

The goLance support team provides fast results and excellent service, which are so important in helping his agency deliver high-quality services to customers on time.

Low-cost fees for workers:

Pavel’s contractors who use goLance appreciate the opportunity to find work with low-cost fees, a reliable platform, and fast payment. He has referred some friends to goLance, and it has helped them to find work.
goLance has helped me to broaden my experience and grow my business. I like coding, but thanks to goLance I now have opportunities to do development and manage people. It’s exciting to be able to combine those skills in my work.
Pavel Koshelev
Atomic Webzone agency, founder
About Pavel
Pavel began coding when he was 14 and has always been focused on increasing his knowledge about development and management. His background includes more than 15 years of extensive development experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, and other languages. His other skills in include web development, marketing, system and network administration, and expertise in Amazon Web Services/Cloud.
Although Pavel had worked in a corporate environment for many years, he wanted more flexibility and opportunities for growth. He also wanted to be free to travel and not be restricted to being in a single location. These objectives motivated him to start as a freelancer, hire a team, and eventually become the owner of the Atomic Webzone agency. The agency specializes in web development, web marketing, and systems administration and is focused on building applications and websites for a variety of industries worldwide.
goLance has everything you need to get fast results.
— Pavel Koshelev

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